Dec 18

Temporary Time-Off

I have had to take some time off from my activism (and to a lesser extent, my graphic design work) to care for my elderly grandfather.  I hope to return to full time activism and design freelancing eventually; however, my family is my primary focus at this point in time.  While I appreciate those who have contacted me with various projects, I am just not in the position to put my full focus on my work at this time, which isn’t fair to those looking for quality work.  My apologies to anyone who feels they have been overlooked.  I hope I can respond to everyone, but please do not take it personally ;)

Hope I can return soon!

Aug 12

Introducing K9 CopBlock

facebook cover

I have recently launched a new Facebook page, K9 CopBlock; with the goal of addressing and preventing the ever growing problem of police killing family dogs.  This project is an offshoot of the larger group “CopBlock“, a police accountability website. Read the rest of this entry »

Mar 13

Design & Video Rate Updates

Today, thanks to my wonderful clients, I have had the opportunity to raise my graphic design rates.  In addition, I have added new graphic services; as well as, video animation and editing services.  The new rates can be found listed here (not all the sample buttons are active yet, but return over the next week for updates)!

Jan 11

Liberty Stats: Infographics & Animations Project

I am excited to announce my newest project, Liberty Stats: Infographics & Animations!

For this project, I will be creating a series of 5 liberty oriented Infographic 11″x17″ posters, covering various subjects; accompanied by short animations.  The first of the series is infographic & animation of “The ‘Risk’ of Terrorism”:

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Dec 01

Clips from new infographic (in the works)

I'm working on a new infographic that I will offer free online, and hope to sell in poster form as well (11″ x 17″ full color). I will also be making an animated video to go along with the graphic, so be looking for those in the near future!

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Here are a few of the graphic stats that will be included on the new infographic, titled “Land of the [not so] Free”
feel free to download/repost these images wherever you like!

Nov 16

29th Birthday Updates & Special Request

My 29th birthday has come around, and I thought I’d take this “milestone” mark to write an update on where my life/work/activism is at, and what I plan on doing in the near future. First, I want to thank everyone who has encouraged, motivated, inspired, and helped me along the way. One of the greatest benefits of this site has been all the interactive things I have been able to offer to other activists. From fun competitions like the “Online Terrorist Keywords” Poetry Contest, to free liberty web graphics, and free download & print flyers/pamphlets/posters and other activist materials… I have had the greatest support and feedback on these “interactive” parts of my site. Sadly, none of those things earn me any money, and the site does cost a bit to maintain, so my time to work on them is limited. So this year I wanted to make a request for donations as a ‘birthday gift’, so I can continue to offer these freebies. If you have a few bucks to spare, and you appreciate what I do, please consider making a small donation ;) THANK YOU!!!


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Oct 29

Liberty TShirts!

My friend and fellow activist, Nathan Cox, and I are selling tshirts! These are my designs, and Nathan will be handling screen printing (all high quality materials and printing). PreSales sta

rt now, and we should start our first round of printing as soon as our screens are made! These shirts are not available in my online shop, so please follow the instructions in the photo.

Oct 19

Free Facebook "Timeline Cover Photo" Graphics!

Feel free to use these wherever you like! Each one is made to fit the exact dimensions and layout of the “Facebook Timeline Cover Photo”. I hope to add more to this collection, which will be permanently posted and updated on the Resources page in the near future!

Click image to view full size. Right click “save as” to download.

Oct 04

The Liberty Activist Coloring Book 1st Edition

The 1st Edition of The Liberty Activist Coloring Book is now available for purchase in my online shop!

LIMITED TIME SALE: $6 (+$3 shipping)!!! (future price will be $10)

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Jul 24

DIY: Liberty Empowerment Kit

After several requests, I have finally posted all the literature we are using in the “Liberty Empowerment Project”. These are availible for free download in my “resources” section. I have removed the ads we used on ours, and left the “ad space” blank (plus a small link to my site), so you can add whatever you like in that area. All files are print ready, with 1/8th inch bleed/trim around the edge (I primarily use templates provided by Liberty Activist Printing). To get Black & White versions of everything, please read this post.

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