Jun 19

Terrorism Poetry Contest Final Vote!

Voting is now closed, and the winner is… On the Day I Became a Terrorist – by Benjamin Haas!
Within the next few days, I will be posting Benjamin’s poem as the poster graphic he will be receiving. Thanks again to all who entered! You’re all winners to me!

We are down to our final 6 poems! Thanks again to all who entered, and good luck to those who remain!

Voting is open now, and closes on June 23 at 9pm (EST).

Once the poll has closed, the winner has 3 days to contact me (I will make my best effort to contact you, but I don’t know all of you personally, so that may be difficult). If I don’t hear from them by June 27th, I will request that the second place person contact me and receive the prize instead.

Decapitated Mexicles
by Nathan Payne

their torrid, toxic narcos,
stranded/stuck forever
in a homegrown botnet
of agro terror,
the airport burst-worm
electric failure!
cocaine recall!
my spillover jihad is cloud-threat resistant!
extremism wildfire!
warning watch mudslide!
disaster snow interstate!
LMNOPLO car bomb!
with a head
full of HAZMAT,
I collapse
on my SPAZMAT,
pointed 5 times a day
recruitment-plot Pakistan,
in a twister
of cool,
rootkit magnitude.
I’m so tired of Al Qaeda!
executioning their
in the Islamicalifragilistic,
can’t we all just get along, man?
with our MARTA-BART components?
brute-forcing China freely?
what the hell has happened here?
this has become a house of communications infrastructure!
and very ill repute!
what am I?
your grandmother?
Michoacana Guzman?
drinking mimosas
& smuggling
in condoms full of Mara Salvatrucha?
eating sick-swine
without a fork
& drinking
blister agent-free kombucha?
this is a homeland standoff!
prevention shots are fired!
and like a buncha
from the
assassination suburbs,
we are
to meet defeat
with bologna-militia
clinging like
to our decapitated


OCCUPY Free Speech
by Rachel P.

This isn’t a drill.

The failure of brute forcing
A black-out of democracy
A threat to homeland security

Watch the standoff, police spillover,
Who is responsible for bridge delays
When they quarantine those resistant
To the Swine Militia wave

American citizens: the target
Contentional weapons: power and greed.

Our exposure to an industrial spill
Of money in democracy, the infection is spreading.

Shots fired, cops help hold the middle class hostage.
Dare to exercise your rights
See a lockdown, “national preparedness”

Exposure, contamination, an outbreak of independent thought
A plague of human to human mutation
Those “scammers” and “spammers”

The magnitude of discontent
How dare these home grown radicals “riot”,
Haven’t they heard of service disruption

People march, sign petitions, watch out!
Disaster Terrorism plot
Just erosion of a broken system

A burst of patriotism
As enriched minds
Find their voices

Terror! An attack! The Authorities must fight back!

Artistic Assassins
Extremism against free speech
Repeat, this isn’t a drill.


On the Day I Became a Terrorist
by benjamin haas

On the day I became a terrorist there wasn’t a nuclear meltdown or pipe bomb

There was a radioactive and over-fished ocean, but that had nothing to do with

I am not sure what I was wearing, probably something denim.

I didn’t buy white powder, fertilizer, meat, birds, or bacteria.

I didn’t sneeze, scream, get sick, slink down an alley, or see the dentist.

There were cops, but there are always cops, and no shots fired.

On the day I became a terrorist the sun came up on Bagdad, Jerusalem, New
York, Coney Island, L.A., the Mississippi River, El Paso, San Diego, Bogotá,
Tokyo, Baton Rouge, Tripoli, Kingstown, and almost everywhere else too.

I probably checked my email, drank a cup of coffee, and read the news.

Someone made a paper airplane, and pretended it was a crop duster.

There wasn’t a hurricane, tornado, swarm of locust, lightning storm,earthquake,
blizzard, typhoon, wildfire, brown out, mudslide, or flood covered by the media.

I drove my car and regretted not being on my bike.

For me the clouds were still in the shapes of animals and cartoon faces.

There was distant smoke, but if you ignored it, you could convince yourself it
wasn’t there.

On the day I became a terrorist I wasn’t subject to denial of service online or at a

Someone drank a car bomb, smoked marijuana, and snorted cocaine in a

I wasn’t stockpiling a weapons cache or plotting with my radical friends.

I didn’t own a single vest.

And I have no idea what was going on in the PLO, Tamil Tigers, CIA, Hezbollah,
IRA, Department of Homeland Security, FARC, Tea Party, Al Qaeda, KKK, or
anybody else.

I talked with small number of people on the phone.

I doubt I said the word “jihad,” unless I was talking about music.

I ate a salad with home-grown tomatoes, and had a glass of port.

There were children dying from the self-interested decisions of old men, and I did
nothing about it.

I didn’t cover my face, throw a brink at a window, do any looting, or judge anyone
who did.

On the day I became a terrorist bridges spanned, buses and subways ran, and
still some people cried.

Someone lost their grandfather’s pocketknife in airport security.

There was drilling into the crust of the earth, and gas leaks in several apartments.

I thought that power lines must have seemed like the industrial revolution’s cat’s

And I counted the tiles on the bathroom floor, while someone else was held

A suicide bomber changed her mind, and nobody ever knew.

Something was so much fun, somebody said it was a riot.

There were lots of flags flying.

On the day I became a terrorist there was just the sound of rustling and pens
dragging across paper, signing bills into law

and silence. boom.


Haikus of Terror
by Alexis B

Drug cartels and gangs
Cocaine, Heroin, meth labs
Border violence

What security?
Police attack: riot gear
Home grown radicals

Jihad, Taliban
IED, suicide bombs
Giving hate for hate

Shooting deaths, lockdown
An epidemic of fear
Prevention of what?

Suspicious package
White powder: is it toxic?

Hurricanes, earthquakes
Earth’s extreme weather makes us

Plagues spreading like wildfire
Human to human

What’s “organized crime”?
Wall Street banks stealing it all
Nationalist thieves

The authorities,
like in 1984.
You: be resistant

Militia fights us
Fuck Homeland Security
Infection of greed

Airplanes and subways
We’re constantly being watched
Does not keep us safe

What law enforcement?
Made hostage by loss of rights
What is the response?

Social media:
Fighting the true terrorism
Mudslide of people

Security breach
By the people rising up
A peaceful standoff

Prevention by voice
Recovery of our rights
Spillover to all


Terrorist Fist Jab
by Greg Santos

Kim Kardashian has collapsed!
An assassination of her character
is an attack on my domestic
security. This is not a drill.
This is not an exercise.
COPS, I must admit,
is an addictive TV show.
Law enforcement authorities
are people, too. Disaster Movie (2008)
was lacking both disaster assistance
& disaster management.
Why was DNDO
(Domestic Nuclear Detection Office)
not consulted before the release
of such a critically panned bomb?
Oh Kim Kardashian we love you get up.
National preparedness, people!
Mitigation is a useful tool
in the prevention of widespread duncery.
A speedy response from the FCC
essentially ensures a speedy recovery
from dirty f-bombs dropped by
Kanye West at award shows.
That sh*t cray!
Domestic nuclear detection
must be vigilant at all times.
But do not, I repeat, do not
form a militia without consulting
the proper authorities. Kim Kardashian
bodyguards are made not born.
Proper training to be security for the stars
is paramount to ensure incidents
such as rioting, looting, & the spread of
Bieber fever do not become
pandemics of epic proportions.
Beatlemania spread from the United Kingdom
to North America & Hulkamania, brother,
is still running wild.
Gangs of raving Beliebers must not breach
the security tape at all costs. If they do,
then may God have mercy on us all…


The Terrorist Threat Called Cancer
by J’nell Avenia

Cancer has struck, I am in a cloud.
My initial response, was to scream aloud.
A state of emergency had been sounded.
There would be a standoff, the Cancer grounded.
I took the initiative, with all Cancer screening.
My prevention yearly had great meaning.
To Cancer I would a hostage become.
I would rise power like the sun, initiative begun.
The incident will be positive, the Cancer will crash.
I recall all my faith, for this battle so brash.
Cancer the terrorist, has no chance, for my inner Cancer assassination rants!

First step, medical authorties, met at Cancer Facility.
Assess my threat and plan attack to the best of ability.
The mutations would lockdown with toxic chemicals.
My security reassured by modern medicals.
Recovery through Chemo and no radiation.
Recovery planned with much litigation.

My symptoms showed I was very sick.
My outbreak solved first with surgery quick!
My hazardous breast and lymph nodes are gone.
Contamination sent sailing along.
Sent home to recover, where exposure was low.
Public Health in grade school is epidemic, I could not go.
Bacteria and virus fill the air.
Making contamination always a scare.
Human to Human infection always breeds there.

Recovery from surgery was very hard.
Lymphatic spill over, recorded upon card.
Breast tissue filed up and sloshed like a wave.
The leaks stained clothing, still resistance I gave.
I fought like a trooper, positivity my bomb.
I always found the strength to go on.
Exercise was out for quite a few weeks.
There was fear of inducing lymphatic leaks,

A mental state of emergency was found journeys middle.
For I had feared Chemo since the time I was little.
Shooting Toxic Chemiacals and exposure to burn.
Food poisoning- like symptoms and gas, I did not yearn!
The Flu-like symptoms were possible too.
Chemo was something I dreaded to do!

Yes, the run from my terrorist a life changing event.
Holding avian egg-layers and agricultural dreams were temporarily spent.

This will all be temporary now I know.
For Chemo is over, into physical recovery I go.

This terrorist will not be welcome back.
Shooting Chemo and positive bombing my attack.

If this terrorist comes after you.
I think my poem spells out what to do!

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  1. j'nell

    I want to thank you for sponsoring this contest, I was inspired to write my poem on the night after my last Chemo. As sick as I felt, it was something I was inaately compelled to do. I was hoping to win as a symbolic measure to parallel the battle with Cancer that I am trying to win.
    I may not have won the contest as hoped, but I was inspired to write my Cancer journey in poetic form. I also realized how many people cared enough about my journey to not vote just once for me, but in 2 rounds of contest. They inspured friends and family members to join in my cause, making me realize how many truly good people I have in my life. Without this contest these realizeations would not have been made, nor my poem even written. I come away from this a with a great poem that makrs the end of my first round of treatment. I may not have won this contest as I had hoped to, but hopefully it gave me even more mental inspiration towards my battle with Cancer….THIS is is contest I WILL win! Thanks again for this great opportunity for personal growth!

    J’nell Avenia

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